What is our mission?

Our mission is to support freelance, personal Balinese drivers and give them opportunities beyond their job scope. In recent times, the onslaught of on-demand, ride-hailing services severely undercut Bali’s transportation market and left many of these drivers with no jobs. Not wanting to feed that mouth that bites them, these drivers continue to resist working for these corporations and to fight for their rights. RouteX was born to bring a community together and to bring a corporation down.

How will you help these drivers?

By choosing to travel with these drivers, you are providing them a sufficient means of income and thereby, supporting the sustainability of their personal driving services. This is socially responsible because collectively, the sustainability of this livelihood will allow them to lessen their reliance on ride-hailing corporations, thereby giving them more voice and agency in the eyes of the corporations.

How much do the drivers get?

The drivers receive the full fare that they ask for and we do not take a single cent from them. A separate small processing fee is charged on top of the full fare to maintain and further promote this online platform catered for these drivers.

What is our long-term goal?

We hope to create this sustainable platform so that one day we can pass it over to them to run it on their own. In the larger scale, we hope to influence the way ride-hailing corporations treat their drivers. If we are able to gain enough support from you, we are able to give the drivers a voice and agency on the corporations’ treatment of them. Thus, the corporations will start to provide better welfare schemes for these drivers, which will be a spark of change that we hope to ignite.

Are we able to cancel our booking?

Booking cancellation are allowed up to 48 hours prior to the trip. This is to ensure fair treatment to the drivers to allow them to find another customer if need be.

What happens if my driver does not turn up?

Our customer-service training ensures the drivers of RouteX to be punctual and courteous. In the abnormal situation, we will ensure you that a replacement driver will be sent to your designated pick up point immediately and compensation will be issued for the damaged time.

What should I do if I miss my flight?

Guidelines for RouteX

If your flight is delayed, cancelled or you miss your flight, you are able to reach us directly at our emergency service contact number (+65 81473732, reachable via WhatsApp) or you can drop us an email at [email protected] to notify the change of your pick up timing.

General Guidelines for Airlines

If you miss your flight, you should immediately notify the airline so that you are not considered a “no show.” The airline can assist you with re-booking on the next available flight. If there is a mechanical problem, delay, canceled flight or missed connection, most airlines will attempt to rebook you on the next available flight at no charge, however, there is no requirement for them to do so at no cost. To help prevent missing your flight, make sure to check your flight status to see if departure times or gates have changed and make sure you have sufficient time between connections.

When do we pay for the service?

You will pay directly to the driver. As simple as that. Our personnel will inform you the total cost days prior to your final day of service. No hidden fees. What you see is what you will pay directly to the driver.

What if I'm traveling with a big group of people?

Our standard cars are capable of accommodating up to 7 people. However, with luggage on board it might only be comfortable for 4-5 people. As such, we provide luggage transfer services from airport to hotel or between accommodations. Alternatively, we also have minivans that are capable of accommodating up to 11 people (7 people with luggage) to suit your travel preferences. Whatever you need, we are here to support you.

What if I need additional cars for my luggage?

We are aware that some of you might be traveling large and you might need more space to put your luggage. For airport/hotel luggage transfers, we can help you rent another car that will help you deliver your luggage to your destination on time! For this, we incur a charge of US$ 15.00/one way transfer in a Toyota Kijang Innova (can fit up to 10 luggages)

Where can the driver take me?

Anywhere. With our unlimited mileage, we’ll get you to wherever you want to be without any additional cost.

Who will be my driver?

We have a fleet of experienced English-speaking Balinese drivers who we will select for you prior to your trip. However, we are always happy to accommodate in the event of any personal requests.

What is included in the service? And what isn't?

Our full-day fees include the car, petrol, tax and unlimited mileage around Bali for 10 hours. What is not included are parking fees and entrance tickets to various attractions (if any). Our drivers will inform you beforehand if there is a fee to enter certain places.

What if I need my driver for more/less than 10 hours?

Our drivers are highly flexible to your schedules.

In the event that you run over 10 hours, it is good to tip the drivers 10% of the original cost per extra hour that you have hired them for. This will definitely help with the sustainability of their business and they will be happy to drive you around for as long as you need them be.

If you do not require a full day driver service, RouteX provides half-day services (minimum 5h) at half the cost of the 10h period. (i.e. Toyota Avanza – US$ 20.00 | Toyota Innova – US$ 22.50 | Toyota Alphard – US$ 60.00 | Isuzu Elf – US$ 32.50 | Toyota Hiace – US$ 40.00). All fuel, driver’s fee and tax are included.

Are hotel/airport transfer included?

If you have placed a booking for a period of at least 5-hours, airport-to-hotel transfers or vice versa are included. In fact, most of our adventurers are usually picked up at the airport at the start of their trip. Our drivers will be present at the designated pick up place punctually, with a personalised placard that bears your name at hand!

However, for those who are solely interested in airport-to-hotel transfers or vice versa. Our drivers charge at a flat rate of US$ 15.00 (fuel, driver’s fee and tax included) for a one way transfer in a Toyota Kijang Innova (seats 7).

What if I don't like the drivers' service?

If our drivers’ services do not suit your travel style, you can always cancel your remaining days with us with no extra charges!

Do I have to plan an itinerary?

Planning an itinerary is not a must. Our drivers and help desk personnel will get the job done for you. However, it is recommended to select a few places prior to your trip so that it will help us to tailor a trip that is tailored to your preferences. For inspirations, you can always click on our “Explore Bali” page for the latest places worth visiting.