Trekking@Mount Batur

Bali’s most-famous trekking trail is located a mere 2-hour drive away from Ubud. Batur is a dormant volcano, famous for its breathtaking sunrise seen from a summit 1,600m above sea level. At the summit, you can walk along the three craters, sip a cup of coffee while you watch the sunray beaming through the edge of the horizon, signifying the beginning of the day. Accessible for trekkers of all levels of expertise, Batur is a preferred choice for a family or friends bonding trip due to the minimal preparation or training needed for a hike, but its stunning views are still comparable to many other tougher mountain trails.

Cost: Rp. 250,000 – 300,000/person for a Mountain Guide or Rp. 500,000 – 600,000/person for a Packaged Mountain Tour

A packaged mountain tour would normally include a guide for the group, safety equipments, breakfast and insurance.